pest cockroach - GT Pest ControlMuch as we want our homes to be free from any pests, this becomes very difficult in many cases since these pests are also trying to survive. Like humans, they seek shelter, food, and water. With the proper preventive measures and regular pest control, these pests may be prevented from infesting our homes.

Here are some tips in preventing pests from your homes.


Food that is left in the counters or unsealed in containers will always attract pests. The same holds true for the crumbs, spills, and other food debris that may be left in the floor or other parts of the house. And of course there is the number one attraction for these pests which happens to be our garbage.

By addressing these three issues, much can be done in preventing the invasion of pests in the house. Foods must not be left open in the counter, table, or elsewhere. It should be placed in a container that is properly closed or sealed and placed in a safe area. Crumbs and other debris should be swept immediately while spills should be wiped dry as soon as possible. And in the matter of garbage, this should be disposed regularly. To prevent pest from attacking trash bins, it should be made sure that trash receptacles are tightly closed with no spills around it.


Like people pests also seek warmth during a cold season, coolness in the summer, a shelter from rain. Survival instincts will force them to look for ways to get the shelter they require and they may find these in the homes.

To address these problems, there are some things a homeowner may do. For one, everyone in the home should be reminded to keep the doors closed always. Leaving them open will only be an invitation for these pests. Cracks or gaps in the walls or other parts should be sealed with the proper materials. And make sure that any holes in the windows and doors should be repaired immediately.


Water that has stagnated or formed a pool in pails, planters, used tires, and toys will always attract pests especially mosquitoes. Leaks in the pipe or dripping faucets will be a source of moisture for insects that will keep them alive.

In preventing these mosquitoes from multiplying, items that may cause water to gather must be inspected regularly and cleared immediately. If needed, areas in the yard where water may accumulate should be dealt accordingly with the proper landscaping. Leaking pipes should be immediately repaired while drips must be avoided by making sure faucets are properly closed after every use.