Do-It-Yourself Solutions to Control Slug InfestationAny gastropod mollusk that has no shell, a reduced shell or a very small internal shell is called a slug. They are common pests that can easily damage a thriving garden that you have worked very hard to keep. Luckily, there are plenty of household solutions that don’t require the use of chemicals. You can try some of them on your own unless the problem is really bad and you have to call in the experts.

Slugs are most active during the night when it is dark and damp. They don’t thrive during the day when there is a lot of sunlight. Water your plants during the day so that the ground has time to dry before nightfall. When the ground is dry, the slug population is less likely to increase.

Crush egg shells and sprinkle them around your garden. This works two ways: first, it will deter slugs as crushed egg shells are like broken glass to them; second, crushed egg shells also improve the quality of your soil. So that’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

Do-It-Yourself Solutions to Control Slug InfestationYou can also try using used ground coffee or seaweed. Slugs can tolerate neither substance. So it is a good idea to save the ground coffee from your morning cup and also to gather seaweed if you have time to hit the beach.

Plant aromatic herbs in your garden. Slugs aren’t fans of herbs like rosemary and sage. If you plant these herbs around your garden, the slugs would not be interested in dining on the rest of your garden.

Alternatively, you can also use different forms of lures and traps. Slugs are attracted to the scent of cornmeal, beer, fruit and even common pet food. You can put any of these in small traps around the plants that slugs have been eating. They will be attracted to the scent of these and fall in your trap. You can leave these traps overnight and in the morning collect the slugs from them. You can dispose of the slugs accordingly.