Project Description


Home Pest Control

Our licensed exterminators and technicians have been delivering quality service to family homes for over 20 years. Our service reaches all of Toronto and the GTA. If you live outside of the GTA give us a call anyways. We’ll go the distance.

We deal with homes of all types. From historical homes to hoarding units, no problem is too big. Our team of professional and licensed personnel will maintain your property and home with cutting edge technology and proven tactics that work.

Don’t go another day with infestation. Call us today for your free quote.



Commercial Pest Control

Do pests have you running for your money? Have customers informed you of creepy crawlers in your place of business? Have you noticed any open food or droppings? Are you getting threatened by the health board? GT Pest Control offers the best commercial pest service in Toronto and surrounding area.

We offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly services to all commercial applications. Our respectful team will come to your place of business and lay baits and traps in inconspicuous places. We will do our best to eliminate access points through exclusion. Part of our service is to monitor your pest problem and show you how we are actually reducing it.



Industrial Pest Control

We service industries from A to Z. We are licensed to offer the most effective treatments for your industry. GT Pest Control understands that your assets are your livelihood and we are here to keep those assets pest free.

Don’t wait till the health board shuts you down. Downtime is unacceptable and we will do everything in our power to reduce or eliminate any need to shut down your equipment due to pest issues.

We know that unforeseen issues arise all the time in the manufacturing world causing shutdowns, and ultimately losses in productivity. Don’t let pests bring you down too. Let us do our part so you can do yours.


GT Pest Control offers Residential, Commercial & Industrial pest control services in Scarborough, Whitby, Ajax, Oshawa, Peterborough, Cobourg, Clarington & Bowmanville.