Project Description

Nosey Neighbours, No worries

GT Pest Control will arrive at your home or business in unmarked vehicles to ensure your privacy. We understand the embarrassment and stereotypes of having bugs and rodents. Although most of these stereotypes are fictional, we respect your privacy and will do our best to get the job done without drawing unwanted attention.

We understand that the bigger players like to advertise their company on pretty much everything they use. We also recognize the negative effect this has on their clients. In some cases it results in un-necessary embarrassment, unfair accusations and a possible loss in sales due to misinterpretations.

GT Pest Control believes that our hard work and dedication to customer service sells itself, and you as the client in most cases will spread the word to your friends and family in need.

Do not hesitate to call us for any pest control needs. We are here to help and nobody needs to know that you are dealing with bugs or rodents.