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Are you at risk of Bed Bug Infestation?

nikebugUnfortunately the answer is yes. Statistics say that in the next 4 to 6 years we will be dealing with bed bug problems like New York. This means that it won’t be uncommon for you to hear stories on the news about department stores and theaters being shut down for bed bug treatment.

How do you become contaminated with bed bugs?

If you frequent taxi cabs, subways, airplanes, buses and other forms of public transportation you are at risk. You may also pick up bed bugs buying used clothing, entering the home of a friend of family member who is infested or has bed bugs. Bed bugs will find any spot they can to hitch a ride. They like and lay eggs in places like a women’s purse, shoes, shirt collars, hems and seams and they can even travel on animals.

Hotels, motels and Inns are also great bed bug harborage areas. These are very hard places to maintain as they are used by many different people on a daily basis.

Thermal Remediation


How do you kill your bed bugs?

professionalinspectionGT Pest Control will start will a full inspection of your living environment and give you the best options for the problem at hand. We have several options for any infestation. We always recommend Thermal Remediation whenever possible as it is almost 98% effective for even the biggest bed bug infestations. We would prefer not to use chemicals and we believe that heat treatment is the most cost effective solution to any bug problem.

Why is heat better than chemicals?

 Where chemicals fail, heat will prevail. Bed bugs can hide and even adapt to chemical treatments. They will always try to move out of the effected area and find new places to reproduce. Chemicals cannot penetrate walls and behind baseboards and other places that bed bugs can find harborage.

Heat penetrates even the structure of the home so that no place in un-effected. Bed bugs die within seconds of exposure to 122°F. We gradually raise the temperature in you home to reach a range of 122°F – 140°F. This takes between 1 and 4 hours and is an essential part of the process to avoid structural damage. Once we reach killzone temps we bake for an additional 2 to 3 hours to ensure all spaces are within killzone temperatures.
Cockroach Extermination

killzoneBed bugs are drawn out of their hiding places at around 100°F. These are ideal temps for bed bugs to reproduce. As they are drawn out into the open the temperature continues to rise. Once killzone is reached bugs are dying in places that chemicals could not reach. We then use high powered fans to direct hot air into cracks and crevices, closets, drawers and other places that bed bugs could have tried to hide.

Furniture and mattresses are flipped once per hour to maximize heat distribution. Even the core of your mattress will be within lethal temperatures ensuring death through all stages of life, eggs to adult. We monitor the temperature remotely with our computer. Our system is constantly reading temperature data from strategically placed sensors. We use this data to make sure that all places are at lethal temperatures. When we are done, we shut down the heaters and let the environment cool down. In 7 to 12 days we return with Bonny or Hunter, our bed bug sniffing canines. They sniff out live bed bug pheromones and are 95% accurate. If our dogs “Alert” we will do spot treatments with steam or chemicals if necessary.





Killing bed bugs with chemicals


Do Chemicals Work?

chemicalbedbugtreatmentChemicals do work but are never even close to 100% effective. Bugs like to hide in electronics such as TV’s, Microwaves, Alarm clocks and other household items such as head boards, night tables and jewelry boxes.

To maximize a chemical treatment you would have to dispose of these items and replace them to be sure that any bugs have been removed from the environment. This could cost you thousands of dollars when you start replacing TV’s and stereo equipment. This is why heat treatment is your best bet. It will cost significantly more than a chemical treatment will cost however, you can keep your possessions, you aren’t put out of your home for weeks due to harmful pesticides contaminating the environment and a heat treatment only takes a day to complete. This alone is more cost efficient than chemicals simply for the fact that chemical treatments require long periods of time and several treatments over the span of weeks to months. How many personal affects are you willing to toss?

Bed Bug Prep Service

steamtreatmentGT Pest Control will be with you every step of the way. From initial inspection to final inspection, we will be there to answer all your questions. We will instruct you on what items need to be removed from the unit and what items must be kept for treatment. Any combustibles items such as chemicals under pressure (hairspray, air fresheners), makeup and deodorants must be removed from the environment. Medications should be stored in the refrigerator and candles should be removed from the environment as well.

Any clothing in closets or drawers will be placed in baskets to ensure lethal temperatures are achieved. Throughout the treatment process we will be tossing clothes and other items to make sure that kill zone temperatures are reached.

We do manual temperature readings to make sure all our sensors are correct. Once the computer tells us the environment has been heated for long enough, we shut down the equipment and put all your belongings back where we found them.

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