Protecting the Family from Mosquito Bites - Home Pest ControlAside from the annoying and irritating itchiness it may cause, a mosquito bite in certain cases may bring grave danger to an individual. While these diseases are more common in tropical areas, it has also been known to occur in climates such as the one present in Ontario. Bites of mosquitoes may carry viruses or parasites that may result to diseases such as the West Nile virus, yellow fever, malaria, and some ailments that infect the brain.

Even if these diseases may rarely occur, what is so pestering is the itchiness resulting from the bites. It can be so itchy that it mat disturb one’s sleep. It can also be distracting during outdoor activities of the family. Some mosquito bites may also have reactions, especially to children, that may cause swelling, soreness, and redness. And of course there is a danger of infection if scratching is aggressively done.

To protect your family from mosquito bites, here are some things you can do:

Apply insect repellant

Insect repellants have been shown to be effective in protecting against mosquitoes, albeit on a temporary basis. These are also generally safe for children to use as long as used in accordance with the instructions. Important reminders include refraining from using it on infants and those below three years old for some repellants, avoiding contact of repellant in the face or hands, applying only on exposed areas, and very important, to remove the repellant with soap and water once returning indoors.

Put insect repellant on clothing and gear

For those going outdoors where mosquitoes are numerous, it will greatly help to treat clothes and gear with insect repellant. There are insecticides available solely for this purpose. Since these are unlike those applied to the skin, it is important to observe the instruction provided in the labels.

Use protective clothing

Especially when outdoors where mosquitoes abound, it is recommended that one should wear protective clothing to guard against these insects. This may be done by wearing shirts with long sleeves, protective socks, and long pants that may be tucked inside the socks. Wearing light-colored clothing has also been known to be helpful in preventing attacks by mosquitoes. Wide brimmed hats may also be worn to protect the ears and the back of the neck from these bites.

Control mosquitoes in the homes

Of course, one measure that is very effective in preventing mosquito bites is to control or eliminate these insects from the homes. Mosquitoes breed in standing water so it is necessary to take measures that will limit their breeding habits. Water that stagnates in gutters, old tires, flowers pots, and other areas should be drained. It may even wise to dispose items that are no longer being used. If these measures are not effective, it may be best to get the assistance of the professionals to make sure that your family is protected.