mosquito Diseases Caused by Bug BitesSummer is once again here and kids are very excited with the prospect of spending their time playing outdoors. It will be too unfortunate if this time for fun and enjoyment will be hampered by any illnesses caused by pests that are also very common during summer.

Bug Bites may Cause Serious Illnesses

These bug bites can result to serious illnesses or at the least, can cause a lot of irritation with those bites that can be very itchy. Some of the more common ailments associated with bug bites are Lyme disease that may be transmitted by ticks, plague that may spread through fleas, and the West Nile virus brought by mosquitoes.

Tips on Protecting Children against Pest Bites

Children should not be denied the opportunity to enjoy their vacation just because of the risk of diseases due to pests found outdoors. What should be done is to protect or guard the children against possible bites from tick, fleas, mosquitoes, and other disease carrying pests. Here are some tips and suggestions offered by medical experts specializing on children’s well being.

Apply the proper insect repellant on the children

Insect repellants have been shown to be very effective against any bites from insects. The important thing here to remember is to use the proper repellant. There may be insect repellants that may not be appropriate for some children due to its content. So it is important to check the labels for the contents of these products. Better still, check with the child’s physician to get a recommendation for the proper insect repellant.

It has also been suggested that the clothes worn by children should also be applied with insect repellant. And according to experts, insect repellants should not be applied on children aged two months and younger.

Keep children away from places heavy populated with these pests

One preventive measure parents may take is to keep the kids away from places known to be inhabited by these pests. Ticks are known to proliferate in places that are heavy with high grasses. To be avoided also are places where there are stagnant pools of water and even gardens full of flowers that are blooming.

Have the children cleaned up after playing outdoors

When the children get home after playing outside, they should be asked to take a shower as soon as possible. It would be well to check them for any presence of ticks or any other pests. The same should be done with the clothes they wore. These garments should then be washed immediately. It is also recommended by experts not to use scented soap and perfumes on the children since these may attract these insects.

Take Immediate Action if Symptoms Appear

When symptoms appear that may indicate the child may have been bitten by an insect, immediate medical action should be taken. Signs to watch are fever, rashes, body aches, fatigue, headaches, stiff necks, and disorientation.