Gotta Catch em’ All! Whitby’s Wildlife Removal!

The city is exposed to many animals that seek a perfect place for them to survive. Human homes and shelters offers a warm and safe environment for them to stay at. Once these invasive animals find a suitable area in your home, it could prove a challenge to get them out. Aside from these animals being very energetic and will run and wreck stuff at your home in your attempts to kick them out, they could easily walk back in. This is why Wildlife removal in Whitby is a needed service. GT Pest Control has been in the business of catching and trapping animals for over 20 years. Our teams are trained to find and capture any wildlife that may have taken resident at your home. All animals are captured in a humane manner and no harm are done to them. We release all captured wildlife back to the wild.

Wildlife removal in Whitby does not end only with the capture. Even if you drop that animal off moles away from your home, they can smell their way back in. So what is the solution? Our services also ensure that your homes become animal proof. A suitable environment for animals to thrive, is an attractive environment. In a sense, the phrase “prevention is better than cure” is applicable to this case. By destroying the entry points of these animals, eliminating any food sources that may exist in your house and removing scents caused by animal droppings that could attract other “visitors” you can make sure that your home is safe through our assistance.

We close holes that may be somewhere in your home, set up nets or traps that may discourage unwanted visitors such as birds, raccoons and even skunks. Don’t wait until some fury friends make an appearance in your home. Call us now and make sure that no vertebrates will stalk the dark spaces of your garage.

Serviced areas

Our service is available in the various cities near Toronto. Scarborough, Oshawa, Peterborough, Clarington, Bowmanville and Cobourg. Dial 416-688-0105 or 905-242-0603 to inquire of our service. We are open starting 7am to 8pm, Mondays to Saturdays. We offer emergency dispatches for any day including Sunday.