Best Wildlife Removal in Scarborough and Exclusion Service

Due to the expansion of the houses and buildings of the city, some wildlife are now attracted to the cozy homes that we have built. It’s no wonder that Wildlife problems are common especially in areas where new houses are just being formed. Various wildlife from birds, squirrels, raccoons and even skunks would wander around seeking shelter.Due to these mammals being small and speedy, trying to catch it may prove a challenge. Worst still if a small family is already hiding in the dark spaces of your garage or basement. GT Pest Control offers solutions to end your animal problems. Our wildlife removal in Scarborough areas are specialized in trapping and capturing these unwanted visitors in a safe and humane manner. With our understanding of animal behavior and the right tools that our team is equipped with, catching them won’t be a problem for us.

But the challenge is not only to get them out of your homes since these little critterscan easily come back as any sheltered house is an attractive place for them to settle. Wildlife removal in Scarborough should have an exclusion plan in order to ensure that they won’t return. To resolve this problem without killing these animals, our service also offers steps that would change the environment at your homes for these animals. By removing the food sources that they feed on, covering any holes or openings that is used as their entry point, and cleaning up on the waste that they leave behind which could attract other animals, your home becomes an unwanted and impractical place for them to stay in.

Animal Proofing your home

As the city expands its impossible to ensure that these fury critters will keep away from the urbanized homes and building. What we can do however, is to ensure that your home is animal proof. After all, animal proofing the house is the best step to ensure wildlife removal in Scarborough. Contact us and we can cover up holes and set up obstacles such as pigeon spikes, nets and covering of any holes at your home.
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