GT Pest Control, the Anti-Wildlife Penetration Team Ready to serve!

Wildlife removal in Oshawa are among the many services that needs quick responses. With the number of wildlife that your homes could be exposed to, the need to defend and close the gaps to keep these critters away is necessary. Most of these fury animals are invasive in nature and will try to make a home in your home.

Exclusion services offered by GT Pest Control ensures that your home will be protected and no hole left opened to make these critters stay away.

Exclusion Services

Wildlife removal in Oshawa requires proper exclusion to prevent more animals from entering again. Due to this, our service doesn’t just end in gap closing. By creating an environment at your home that is not “animal friendly” even if these animals could get in, they would have to get out. Our strategy is to remove any possible food sources that the animals can scavenge upon which makes their stay better. Insects are there main source of food so our team has the tools to clear out the cracks in your walls and other gaps where insects may live in. By this, their food source is cut and they are forced to leave in search of food. We also remove any droppings of previous animals to remove the scent and therefore not attract in more guest. Other than mammals, wildlife removal in Oshawa needs proper exclusion traps to prevent not only mammals but birds in trying to get in your house.

But for cases where wildlife has just habited your home, we also offer capture and removal services. Wildlife removal in Oshawahas been a long needed service. GT Pest Control has been serving for over 20 years and has become one of the best in the market. Emergency calls are available Mondays to Saturdays, and even on Sunday. Of course, our team is careful in catching these animals and we will release these animals back in the wild.

For more inquiries call us at (905) 242-0603 or you can dial (416) 688-0105. We are open 7am to 8pm from Monday to Saturday and only caters to emergency request on Sunday. Call us now and guard your home!