Animal Exclusion and Control services by GT Pest Control

Most common wildlife problems in urban cities are due to invasive mammals that seek homes and build their nest at the dark recesses of a house. Your home is exposed to this dangers. As we are unable to animal proof the city, many animals like the skunk, raccoons and even birds leave their natural habitats and are curiously drawn into many buildings and houses. The main problem is if your house can “attract” these animals due to the favorable conditions present in your home. That’s why wildlife removal in Ajax is a sought after service since animal proofing your home requires professional assistance.

GT Pest Control focuses on the specific causes of home invasion. From having several holes which animals could use to sneak in, food sources for these animals and droppings of other animals which attracts others due to the scent. Wildlife removal in Ajax requires no just simple tools buts some complex ones as the variety of wildlife that may enter are diverse. Birds and mammals of sorts can take shelter in your home.

Of course sometimes what you need is not prevention but the removal itself of the animals. Capturing or trapping these animals could prove a problem. They could bite, scratch or even injure you if you are not careful. Skunks in particular could leave you smelling less appealing to humans. So if you’ve had it with all the running around or feel that you require a professional for wildlife removal in Ajax, feel free to call GT Pest Control. Boasting over 20 years of service to the community in catching animals without hurting them, they can quickly resolve your concern. Emergency request can be made for immediate dispatch. Captured vertebrates are released once again to the wild as we treat animals in a humane manner.

Scope of Service

Areas that can avail of our service are on Eastern Toronto, Durham Region and Northumberland County. Cities such as Oshawa, Clarington, Whitby,Peterborough, andcan request for us. So if you need an immediate wildlife removal in Ajax, you know who to call. We are open Mondays to Saturdays. Emergency request are available on Sunday as well. Dial our number (416) 688-0105 or (905) 242-0603.