What’s Bugging you? GT Pest Control offer wasps removal in Whitby!

There are many kinds of pests that may infiltrate and take refuge on the nearby trees, roofs and trunks near your homes. The most dangerous come in those that can sting you. Wasps are known for their venom which many of us is allergic to. Not sure if you are allergic to wasps stings? Well nearly half of the population is so the odds are you could be!

Dealing with bees, hornets and especially wasps can be dangerous. Though you can take matters into your own hands by exterminating them yourself, if you’re not careful you could get stung. The bald faced hornet in particular is the most aggressive of their kind and their sting could really hurt you. Which is why wasps removal in Whitby are necessary services. Our team has over 20 years’ worth of experience and is aware with the natural behaviors that these insects have.
Apart from fumigation, wasps removal in Whitby needs prevention services to limit their entry point in your homes. We can even instruct you on what you can do to drive these pest away so that they will find your area less appealing. Your homes could have holes and cracks which serves as entry points for these insects or that they can secretly hide and build a nest without your notice. Our team can track and identify the entry points and make sure that no more bees and hornets can manage to make its way in your home. If you call us, we can also instruct you on some do-it-yourself advices in doing preventive measures. We however, strongly recommend to leave removal and fumigation to us.

Wasps and bees

Wasps potentially are more dangerous due to the allergic responses it could trigger. In Ontario, the most common kind of wasps are paper wasps, hornets and yellow jackets. Bumblebees, carpenter bees and honey bees are the common bees in Whitby. Each has different aggression levels and are generally approached in different manner. This is what makes wasps removal in Whitby a task for the experts to accomplish as we know how to deal with each of them.

Service Scope and time

Our business hours are from 7am to 8pm, Mondays to Saturdays. We only do emergency request on Sunday. Dial (905) 242-0603 or you can send us an email at glen@gtpestcontrol.ca. Visit our main site https://www.gtpestcontrol.ca for more details.