Peterborough Bee and Wasp Removal by GT Pest Control

A hornet sting could prove deadly as a lot of people are allergic to the stings of the wasps. Bees and other similar insects also provides very painful which are usually not deadly but since there are about a thousand of them at a time, wasps removal in Peterborough are usually done by the experts.
GT Pest Control offers eradication services to wipe out any hives built near your homes and exclusion services to protect and prevent wasps and bees in even building these nest! With 2 decades worth of hard work, you can be sure that the best wasps removal in Peterborough is offered by GT Pest Control.

We take the necessary precautions in dealing the insects

There are various kinds of bees and wasps each with their own behavior and aggression level. They also select different locations in your homes to build their nest. The carpenter bee for example would often select wooden areas as they chew and create tunnels for their hives. The honey bees and the bumblebees prefer different areas. Wasps have some very aggressive species that would immediately attack if you are not careful. What we do, is not only fumigate these places but seal up all cracks and holes in your homes which serves as entrances of these insects. We cover and enclose areas which bees may find to create a nest in.

If you are not mindful of the status of your house even if you call us and request for wasps removal in Peterborough services, these insects may still make its way to your home. This is why our team offers exclusion services to ensure that no more bees can build their homes near your own home. We offer these services for all types of wasps and bees.

You can find more about our services by calling (416) 688-0105. You can also visit our website at or you can email us at for a more detailed explanation. Our offices are open from 7am to 8pm. From Mondays to Saturdays we offer all our services and we limit our service only to emergency request on Sunday. Call us and get the best wasps removal in Peterborough!