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The best bee and Wasps Removal in Oshawa area services and other cities in Ontario are offered by a team of specialist who offers both exclusions services and eradication. GT Pest Control has been in the business for over 20 years and specializes in pest control and wildlife control. Fumigation of bees and wasps who may have made a nest near your home can easily be removed by our expert team who has geared up and is equipped with the knowledge in handling such situations. A sting from a bee is extremely painful. As for hornets, their sting could be deadly as a large number of people are naturally allergic to these stings and many have even died from simple hornet stings. Don’t put yourself at risk and call GT Pest Control for the Wasps Removal in Oshawa you need.

Efficient and Sure Removal and proper Preventive Measures

There are a lot of kinds of bees and wasps. The most common include the bumblebee and the honey bee. Some bees are more difficult to find. The carpenter bee tends to chew and tunnel in the wooden structures of a house and build their nest inside it. Proper detection could be difficult. Wasps are more aggressive in nature and may require extra precaution. Whether if its bees or hornets, our team comes ready to remove all of these insects and even provide exclusion services to transform your home to a bee and wasps free house.

Insects sneak into your homes and penetrate the walls through the small cracks and gaps created in time. If you leave these gasps unattended, then more pest may enter. Bees and wasps often create their nest in the gaps of your house. Our team can seal all possible locations as we are familiar with the preferred hiding places of these insects.

For more information about our many other services, visit and select the service you may need. You can send us an email at if you have other concerns aside from the ones you see on the site. Our landline number is (905) 242-0603 and (416) 688-0105. We are open from Mondays to Saturdays and our business hours are 7am to 8pm. We are open on Sundays but only accept emergency calls. Call us now for the fast Wasps Removal in Oshawa services!