Sting the Bees and Wasps Away! GT Pest Control Wasps Removal In Bowmanville

Bees and wasps are particularly scary insects. It’s even funny how many of us would dodge and panic at the sight of one flying towards us. The sting is something that we would rather not experience. Worst still is that the venom of these insects often create allergic reactions to some. There have many cases where people died due to this. This is why wasps removal in Bowmanville are done by professionals with full gear.

With over 20 years of pest and wildlife control, you can say that GT Pest Control has proven its worth and expertise in dealing with both mammals and insects alike. Extermination and nest removal services are one of the things that our team is prepared for. Our wasps removal in Bowmanville service does not end with that. We offer not only to remove the nest but to ensure that all possible locations where they can build a new hive are covered and sealed. We can also close all the cracks and recesses in the walls of your home or even inspect the garage or basement for any possible infiltrations that you are not aware of.

You can also contact us for any inquiries if you wish to deal with these insects by yourself. Our representatives can assist you on how to take preventive measures to close up all the possible spaces that bees or wasps can build a nest on. We however strongly encourage to leave the removal to us unless you have the gear and the experience to do so.

The many Species of Wasps and Bees

Always remember that certain bees and wasps behave differently than others. Among bees, carpenter bees like to live in wooden structures such as trees, trunks and even the roof and wall. As for hornets, caution is necessary as some are more aggressive than others. For inquiries and questions you can visit our main website which has a lot of information that you may find helpful. Log in to or you can send us an email at Call us at (905) 242-0603 to get a hold of one of our representatives. We offer all our services at 7am to 8pm, Monday to Saturdays. On Sundays, we only do emergency request. Contact us now!