Wasp stings on your neighborhood? Call GT Pest for Wasps Removal in Ajax

The family of insects that puts a lot of pain in their stings all belong to the hymenoptera family. These covers ants, bees and wasps. The latter ones however, offers a much more painful threat than the first. Bee sting and wasps stings really hurts a lot. And as if the pain was not enough, the possible allergic reaction that people have can cause more done just a small bump on the skin but could lead to death. Wasps removal in Ajax are the needed services when faced with this dilemma. The question is, who are you going to call?

GT Pest Control is noted to be one of the best in Ontario as they have continuously provided pest control and wildlife control service for over 20 years. Being in the business for so long has allowed to be very careful and efficient in dealing with these bugs. Wasps removal in Ajax are one of the many fields that our team specializes on and you can rest easy knowing that your pesky problems won’t be there after we make our visit.

Services offered

We offer safe and efficient fumigation and extermination services to get rid of any possible nest near or inside your homes. Our team is equipped with all the needed materials and are trained not only the general ways to deal with bees but are also knowledgeable of in dealing with specific kinds of bees and wasps whether they are honeybees, bumblebees, or the aggressive bald faced hornet.

Wasps removal in Ajax requires more than just extermination of these and removal of the nest. Since these insects can make their hives in the crevices of your homes, we also offer exclusion services to seal any gaps and cracks where these insects can live in. We can provide assistance in case you might prefer to do the sealing by yourself and even instruct you how to handle bee situations. For instance, we advise to wait for a cooler day when dealing with bees as they are easier to manage and are less aggressive. Give us a call anytime or you can visit our website at https://www.gtpestcontrol.ca.

Business hours

Call us at either (416) 688-0105 or (905) 242-0603. Our email address is glen@gtpestcontrol.ca if you wish to contact us there. We are open Mondays to Saturdays from 7 in the morning to 8pm.