The Most Eco-friendly and Efficient Pest Control in Whitby

Are you completely fed up with the pests in your home? Wetotally understand all your frustrations!

We at the GT Pest Controlare fully aware of what these annoying pests can do when they our left out of control. They can give itchy or painful bites, spread different kinds of diseases, cause your food to spoil, destroy your property and other important stuff, as well as keep you awake until late at night. With all the stress that these tiny critters can cause you, there should certainly be no place for them in your home.

If you happen to live in Ontario and is looking for an awesome company that can do pest control in Whitby for instance, there is no better choice than GT Pest Control. Our company is known for providing the most efficient pest control services in different areas within Ontario. Moreover, we also pride ourselves in using environmentally friendly and advanced techniques that no other company can surpass. So if you are interested in our services, contact us anytime and we are always ready to help.

We are GT Pest Control—yourOntario Pest Control Professionals. We promise to deal with your pest problems quickly and effectively.

Our Pest Control Services

Pests in Ontario can be a huge problem. They do not only cause health hazards to the residents, but may also destroy the structure of your home. In order to avoid further damages and huge expenses, it is important to have these pests eliminated the soonest time possible.
Here are some of the pest control services that GT Pest Control can offer:

  • Termite control
  • Cockroach elimination
  • Bed bug treatment
  • Beeand wasp control
  • Flea treatment service
  • Ant control
  • Cluster fly treatment

Why Choose Us for Your Pest Control Needs

Because there are a lot of companies which can perform pest control in Whitby, you might be asking why you should choose GT Pest Control for your needs. Here are some of the best reasons:

  • Our pest control methods are 100% safe for your family and for the environment.
  • We employ modern techniques of pest removal, such as the heat treatment.
  • All our employees are experienced, friendly, and reliable.
  • We provide fair warranties for all types of services.
  • Our company only employs certified professionals and makes use of approved products.
  • We charge our clients with reasonable fees for our exceptional services.
  • Our company has a good track record of satisfied clients.
  • We are aware of how busy you are, so we always show up on time and finish the task as fast as we can without sacrificing the quality.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and start dialing these numbers to book an appointment with us: (905) 242-0603 or (416)688-0105. You may also email us your inquiries at