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Having pests in your home or business is a very personal problem. It’s personal because it disrupts your life on a very intimate level. Imagine having your place of livelihood, your hard work and time finally concrete, but alas! It’s been infested by unwanted pests. Or imagine your home, where you sleep. Would you still be able to sleep soundly knowing there are creepy crawlies lurking about, getting into your cupboards, messing with your linen, slumbering in your walls? Pests infiltrate our lives at a level that we can’t ignore or distance ourselves from. That’s why it’s important to get rid of them, for health reasons and to save your property.

GT Pest Control has been servicing areas of Durham Ontario and providing quality Pest Control in Cobourg for over 20 years. That’s countless cases of homes, commercial properties, or even industrial settings needing one-time or regular service to be kept pest-free. We pride ourselves in a legacy of happy customers.

The chemicals used by GT Pest Control for Pest Control in Cobourg are all environmentally safe. And it’s not only that, but from our experience dealing of so many cases we’ve been led to develop techniques that are not only effective but also discreet. You won’t be seeing any traps or bait. You also won’t be seeing any mice or rats. We know how to keep your home or business pest free without making it look like a mess. GT Pest Control knows how personally having pests affect you. We know that these infestations are often problems needing immediate resolution. That’s why we respond promptly to any inquiry for our services.

Each case is unique, as we have learned from experience. There are the standard procedures that need to be followed for removal or extermination jobs, but often the location or the special circumstances of the job call for improvisation. Our teams of pest control professionals have been trained to not only be polite, honest, proactive and friendly with all our clients; they have also been trained to deal with all cases and types of pests and to think on their feet for innovative and effective ways to deal with your unique dilemma. We also offer one-on-one consultations free of charge because we know each individual case needs to be assessed specially.

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So whether you have mice or rats, beehives or wasps, cockroaches or ants, mites or bedbugs, squirrels or opossums – the quick and effective solution to your problem is to call GT Pest Control!