For Pest Control in Bowmanville, trust GT Pest Control.

There’s a reason that the words pest and pestilence are related. And that reason is why having pests in your home is not only quite gross and unsightly but actually a possible major health hazard. Common pests that come to mind when you hear the word are ants and cockroaches and rats. Sometimes even birds roosting in your attic are a problem. All the things in common with these are that they thrive in filth and dirt, and that they are unsanitary.
You don’t want your home, the place where you sleep, to be a host to a bunch of pests. It’s where you keep your belongings and food! That’s why for pest control in Bowmanville, you have to go to a firm you trust.

GT Pest control is a firm with over 20 years of service under its belt. For so long we’ve been providing quality pest control in Bowmanville and other areas of Durham Ontario. We have the experience, the knowledge, the tools, and the dedication to make your home or business a pest-free one.

Besides the health risks, pests are often just a big nuisance. Bees or wasps that set up place on your property, overeager squirrels that invade your porch, the list goes on and on with ways that wildlife encroaches on human territory. This can’t be helped, what with the expansion of cities and developments taking place daily, you need a service of pest control in Bowmanville that knows what to do in these cases. GT Pest Control knows how to handle many pests in a humane way, catching them and releasing them into places where they won’t bother you any longer.

GT Pest Control employs only environmentally safe chemicals or heat when dealing with pest removal. Our methods are effective and practical, and we offer our services at reasonable rates. When you hire GT Pest Control, you’re hiring a firm that will give you a personalized experience because we know, from our experience, that each case of pests in a home or business is a unique one and it needs to be assessed as so. We offer one-on-one consultations for free and we respond to inquiries promptly. At GT Pest Control, we prioritize the health and satisfaction of our customers and always think of the client when carrying out our jobs. We provide service pest control in Bowmanville that if of the high quality you deserve!