Know the Odor-Free and Pest-Free TechniqueWhat is that smell? That is the usual question that any member of the house would blurt out as soon as they enter the room after spraying an insecticide. The smell of most insecticides is indescribable. It is strong, irritating if not suffocating. This is one of the reasons why some people really don’t want to use it at home and prefer to try the conventional and non chemical techniques like sanitation to remove breeding hubs, the use of traps for some and other disruptive methods that naturally destroys the possibility of infestation.

However recently, there is that kind of pesticide that is almost odor-free. According to research, it is less concentrated and it contains water as one of the main ingredients. Water-based pesticides were also noted not to leave stains.

Know the Odor-Free and Pest-Free TechniqueThere are already many water-based ready-to-use insect sprays in the market today that one may use apart from the other chemical and non-chemical ways to control pests. The modern day techniques of professional pest control provide many options. Most often, chemical products that contain active and less active chemicals or mixture of different formulations from three main properties of solid, liquid and gas are combined to create a deadly mixture that will terminate the lives of flying and non-flying pests. These chemical products may provide either short-term or long term pest control.

Water-based insect repellents though a proven odorless way to get rid of pests are reported to be less effective in exterminating pests. According to research, it has poorer performance compared to diesel-based or oil-based insecticides. The water added to the chemical evaporates thereby lessening the strength and impact of the substance. Knowing that, it is actually the home owner’s choice. You can choose to try the nose-friendly option or choose the strong and irritating one to make the extermination done in a flash. The choice is yours.