Impact of Termites on Your HomesIt has been reported that damages to homes have reached billions of dollars due to termites. Perhaps no other home damage can be very devastating as that caused by termites. It many cases, a homeowner may only realize that his or her home has been infested by termites when damage may have become very serious. Such is the impact of termites on homes.

What are Termites?

Termites are small insects known for devouring wood at a very fast rate. Much like the other insects, such as ants and bees, termites gather in colonies made up of huge numbers making their destructiveness very dangerous. They generally feed on dead plants, mostly in the form of wood. It is estimated that there are over 4,000 species of termites with over 10 percent of these known to cause serious damage to structures, crops, and forest plants.

Impact of Termites

It is believed that a “small” colony of termites, which may consist of 60,000 of these, can consume one foot of wood in less than six months. One can only picture the destruction it may cause if these colonies will be one that is considered as a large colony. It is no wonder then that damages to the homes can be very extensive and at a very short period.

Adding to the woes of the owner is the fact the infestation of termites may not be very visible. They can remain hidden for decades while eating the foundations of home. Even if the home is mostly made up of brick or other materials, in most probability there will always be wood in the house that will attract these insects.

It would be a homeowner’s fortune if he or she can find indications of the presence of termites. In most cases in which they are noticed, it would be because of very small holes in the walls or pile of what may appear as sawdust. To the very keen-eyed, they may notice these insects moving around.

Protecting the Home from Termites

To protect the homes from termites, it is very important to have a foundation that is as dry as possible. It should be made sure that there are no gaps or openings in the foundation of the house where the termites may penetrate. If holes should be found, these should be repaired and sealed immediately.

The best way to protect your house from these pests is to make sure termites do not attack your homes. This is best done by having the professionals conduct a regular inspection of your homes. And if termites are found, these same professionals would be in the best position to take care of your huge problem.