How can Pesticides get access to the human body and eventually damage the system?Each time I get to see cockroaches at home, I am prompted to go to the nearest grocery store to buy a spray. Sometimes, all we could ever think of is how to get even and how to eradicate these pests that we fail to think about our own safety. The adverse effects of pesticides to the human body cannot be underrated. Time and again, so many research studies have been conducted and it has proven that the use of chemicals in many pesticides can actually do more harm than good.

Knowing the above premises, you would ask whether or not wearing safety gears such as a mask would secure you from exposure to these harmful chemicals or that leaving the job on exterminating pests to the professionals would guarantee non-exposure to this dangerous substance.
The answer is in the negative.

You cannot be absolutely sure that wearing a mask or letting a skilled professional do the job would totally expose you from chemicals. However, these will help you avoid the probable ill effects of pesticides by preventing it to get into contact with the body.

How then can the chemicals present in pesticides enter your body?

Pesticides get access to the human body and eventually damage the systemIn the mixing, applying and clean-up process, the chemicals contained in a pesticide you spray can enter your body. It can enter the body in any of the three ways:

Through the skin or through dermal absorption

Pesticides can easily get into your skin when you are exposed to the mist while spraying. When you touch something that has pesticide residue on it or any surface which was exposed to the chemical, your skin suddenly becomes exposed to it.

Through the lungs or through inhalation

Through inhalation, your body will be exposed to pesticides carried on by air and gets through your body system.

Through the mouth or through injection

This is the most unusual way for pesticides to get through the body. However, according to reports, there are people who get poisoned because their hands came into contact with pesticides and they took something without washing their hands or they have mistakenly took a bottle of pesticide to something else.

People must exercise the necessary precautions because the chemicals can get into our body in many ways and sometimes in ways we barely recognize.