Why hire a professional to rid your house of mice?A little known fact about rodent control is that most rodent baits that people buy in stores, mice would have to use as a solo food source for 3-6 days to get a toxic dose.

They breed every 28-36 days producing a litter of 6-12 pups which are mature within 90 days to start breeding, so the earlier the problem is addressed the better.

Why hire a professional to rid your house of mice?At GT Pest Control we use single feeding anticoagulant baits which starts the dry out process of the body, limiting the chance of having an odour issue, compared to multi feeding coagulating baits available in stores (Warfarin).

Our trained, licensed technicians have years of experience dealing with the habits and hiding places of mice and will place rodent stations in places that will get the mice but be no threat to children or pets.

By placing the appropriate number of traps or baits in the proper locations, we can bring a quick end to your seasonal or one time problems.

Since mice can access holes smaller than a dime, our technician will do an inspection and point out entry points and seal them if required. The most common entry points are through garages, soffits and unsealed pipe accesses.

Due to mice being related to squirrels, they can climb the exteriors of buildings with ease, so part of the inspection will also include the attic.