Guideline on How to keep your Sofa Pest-FreeBed bugs does not only come at night when you bid someone goodnight. It can be present at any time of the day and may also infest your favorite sofa. Have you ever experienced lying on a sofa reading your favorite book and then suddenly you feel that irritating itch at your legs or back. Watch out! Your sofa might be infested.

Bed bugs are reddish-brown in color and one of its characteristics is that they feed on blood like mosquitoes. Eliminating bed bugs may require a great deal of patience.

Hygiene plays a very important role in preventing the proliferation of bed bugs. Thus, regular cleaning of your bed and furniture would mean a cleaner and pest-free environment.

Here are some guides on how to make your sofa at home pest-free

· Do the vacuum

Vacuum-cleaning is one of the best ways to clean the couch thoroughly. If you can do it weekly or more often it is so much better. Make sure that the vacuum hose can reach even the most difficult corner edges of the couch.

· Remove the covers, wash and dry it with a dryer

Anything that can be removed from the couch, its protective coverings must be removed at least twice a month and washed subsequently. Put in a dryer and place it on the maximum heat temperature. No bugs can survive such high temperature.

· Steam that couch

Have your couch steamed cleaned and leave it dry.

· Remove any clutter from the room or place where the couch is placed

Make sure that the place where the couch is situated is clutter-free. Bugs like clutters and it would attract them to come back.

· Use PesticidesGuideline on How to keep your Sofa Pest-Free

You may spray pesticides but you have to be very careful and you have to strictly follow the instructions.

· Call the experts

If you find that after thorough cleaning there are still bugs in your sofa, you might as well call the expert to put an end to that bugs that keeps on bugging you.