They can be the smallest of all living things, but certainly they bring the biggest problems to you and your family. Yes, this is how pests in our home can be disruptive and dangerous to our health and day to day lives.

Here are Five Common Pests and the Dangers They Bring to Your Homes


Common Pests and the Dangers They Bring to Your Homes - GT Pest Control

There is a perfectly valid reason for that repulsive reaction you may have upon seeing a cockroach. These pests are well known as carriers of harmful bacteria, such as the salmonella and the E coli, which infect or contaminate your food, cooking utensils, and surfaces where food may be placed. If you have children, there is more reason why you should keep out those cockroaches.

About 20 percent of children are very sensitive to allergens carried by cockroaches which may compound the severity of the symptoms associated with asthma. These allergens are brought to the homes through the saliva of the cockroach and their decomposing bodies.


featured rodents - GT Pest Control

Like cockroaches, rodents are well-known carriers of bacteria that can contaminate food, kitchen utensils, and almost all surfaces in the home. These deadly germs which they may have gotten from sewers and other dirty places and carried through their bodies may cause serious diseases and allergies.

With their strong incisors they can render all sorts of food worthless by penetrating even the thickest cover. Their wastes can be nauseating to many and the smell of a dead rodent can be very offensive that lasts for several days. What can make these pests even more problematic is the fact that they can enter your place through many different openings or they can make one of their own.


carpenterant - GT Pest Control

They might appear very small but do not let this deceive you. These tiny pests can cause huge problems in your family’s health through the possibility of contamination of food. Germs from about anywhere may be carried by these insects in your homes.

Worse, these problems are multiplied so many times in proportion to their mega numbers. And you cannot help having that sickening feeling of knowing too late that you are eating food full of ants.



pest flea - GT Pest Control

If you have experienced being bitten by fleas, they you know how these can be very irritating. It can be so itchy that can make sleep even difficult. With those red bumps that will take days to fade, you get the feeling of being unsightly. And of course, you will feel sorry for your pets suffering from those flea bites. It is not also uncommon for many to experience allergic reactions that may require medical attention.


mosquitoes - GT Pest Control

Perhaps no other diseases can easily spread than those caused by mosquitoes. They just do not result to redness and itchiness, but may even bring about the deadliest infections or diseases.

So many countries, especially those in the tropics, have been exposed to epidemics largely because of these mosquitoes. And mosquitoes with their distressing bites are a guarantee that you will not have that restful sleep.