Controlling Spiders Inside the HomeOf the numerous phobias identified by the medical world, one of the most common would be arachnophobia or fear of spiders. Spiders can cause so much fear that a sight of this pest would lead to a screaming episode for many people. This phobia has made the spider as one of the most feared pests in the homes.

Especially for the children, every effort to get rid of these pests will always be worthwhile. However, spiders are not like any other pests that can easily be eliminated by pesticides. Due to their different characteristics, getting rid of these fearsome arachnids (spiders are not insects) would require other strategies, so to speak.

Spiders are Unlike Other House Pests

Spiders possess qualities unique to these pests that make elimination through conventional methods a bit difficult. Their biological construction is such that they are not overly receptive to chemical agents. Unlike rats and other pests, do not expect a spider to pick up pesticides.

One factor that makes it also difficult is the fact that they live high up the ground which means they do not drag their bodies across the surface. Pesticides will only touch their feet but will not penetrate their circulatory system, which is the method that effectively gets rid of other pests.

Controlling Spiders Inside the HomeEliminate Spiders Through Direct Contact

Perhaps the best way to eliminate spiders is through direct contact through direct spray, shoe, slippers, newspaper, or any other form of weapon that may be available. Reaching high up with a broom to kill the spider may have to be done in order to get rid of them as well as clearing that area of the web.

Prevent Spiders by Getting Rid of Their Source of Food

Another way to control the presence of spiders is to make sure that they are deprived of their source of food which in this case will be insects. Spiders are predators and they feed on these insects for their survival. Without these insects to provide spiders with food, it will be less likely that they will make your home their habitat.

Sticky Traps or Glue Boards May Also Do the Job

Glue boards or sticky traps have also been known to get rid of spiders but this may not be widely effective due to the limited space it may cover. Another limitation is the lack of something to attract them unless a bug or other insects have been stuck on it. While there have been attempts to add some kind of attractants such as using scents, these have not been entirely successful.

Get Help from Pest Experts

If getting rid of these spiders is difficult or you may be scared of these pests, then it would be best to get the assistance of the experts. These people have developed the skills and experience in dealing with these nuisances. While they are at it, you can also get them to help you get rid of the other house pests.