Living a life with bugs bugging you is not as exciting as “The Bug’s life” movie this I tell you. Bugs can be so annoying and sickening at times. That is why when some people bid us goodnight, they always add a reminder, “Don’t let the big bugs bite”. This would only mean that a goodnight sleep is the absence of the irritating bed bugs, mosquitoes, and flies etc.

Most bugs bite but it isn’t intentional. Usually, it is their form of defense mechanism to a perceived threat. Most bites are actually harmless and will only leave an itchy patch of skin and slight pain. Some bites however can carry diseases. There are also insects that bite intentionally such as:

· FleasBugs: Does it keep on bugging you
· Head lice
· Pubic lice
· Horse flies
· Black flies
· Bed bugs
· Mosquitoes
· Ticks
· Chigger mites
· Scabies mites

These types of bugs you shouldn’t let in your house. Bed bugs could cause you tremendous amount of good night sleep. Mosquitoes may cause the onset of so many diseases.

Bees, paper wasps, yellow jackets, fire ants and wasps are what you call stinging insects and it usually accompanies a small amount of venom. When these types of insects bite, it causes a severe allergic reaction that can be very itchy and painful.

In order to prevent these bugs from bothering you, you have to do preventive measures by washing your clothes and inspecting your luggage after using. Check your house furniture especially those made of wood for possible presence of bed bugs. Prevention and regular inspection will really do a lot of help. However, if upon inspection you found that these bugs have already infested your home, and then you have to consider calling a pest expert to do the necessary damage control before it will have a way to your books, paper, furniture, bed and your precious skin. Remember, you deserve an undisturbed sleep so never let the big bugs bite.