The Impact of Termites on Your Homes

It has been reported that damages to homes have reached billions of dollars due to termites. Perhaps no other home damage can be very devastating as that caused by termites. It many cases, a homeowner may only realize that his or her home has been infested by termites when damage may have become very […]

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Protecting the Family from Mosquito Bites

Aside from the annoying and irritating itchiness it may cause, a mosquito bite in certain cases may bring grave danger to an individual. While these diseases are more common in tropical areas, it has also been known to occur in climates such as the one present in Ontario. Bites of mosquitoes may carry viruses […]

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Five Serious Diseases Transmitted by Rodents

How we all wish that all rodents could be as fun and lovable as Mickey and Minnie. But sadly, this is not the case. The sight of a mouse or a rat can scare even the bravest of the lot. And worse, these animals, which are very often found in homes, can greatly threaten […]

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Tips in Preventing Pests from Your Homes

Much as we want our homes to be free from any pests, this becomes very difficult in many cases since these pests are also trying to survive. Like humans, they seek shelter, food, and water. With the proper preventive measures and regular pest control, these pests may be prevented from infesting our homes.
Here are […]

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How to Protect Your Kids against Diseases Caused by Bug Bites

Summer is once again here and kids are very excited with the prospect of spending their time playing outdoors. It will be too unfortunate if this time for fun and enjoyment will be hampered by any illnesses caused by pests that are also very common during summer.
Bug Bites may Cause Serious Illnesses
These bug bites […]

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What You Should Know About Bedbugs

Bedbugs are insects that are very small, flat, and wingless and feed on the blood of human beings or animals. While they may come in different colors, they get to be rusty red after feeding on people’s blood. These insects are so small that they cannot be observed easily and may take a very […]

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Five Common Pests and the Dangers They Bring to Your Homes

They can be the smallest of all living things, but certainly they bring the biggest problems to you and your family. Yes, this is how pests in our home can be disruptive and dangerous to our health and day to day lives.

Here are Five Common Pests and the Dangers They Bring to Your Homes

There […]

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