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Bugs: Does it keep on bugging you?

Living a life with bugs bugging you is not as exciting as “The Bug’s life” movie this I tell you. Bugs can be so annoying and sickening at times. That is why when some people bid us goodnight, they always add a reminder, “Don’t let the big bugs bite”. This would only mean that […]

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Routine Termite Check: Does It Make Any Sense?

There are many things in life that we often take for granted. Signs of trouble that we tend to ignore simply because we think it could stress us out. Sometimes we fail to consider that our house was built primarily for our comfort and in order to keep it that way, we have to […]

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How to Tell a Bee from a Wasp

Bees and wasps are generally considered to be beneficial insects. However, because of their ability to sting, they are also considered as pests. They can become quite a nuisance in autumn when they are most likely to cause disruption among outdoor activities.
It is quite a common mistake to refer to all stinging insects as […]

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Do-It-Yourself Solutions to Control Slug Infestation

Any gastropod mollusk that has no shell, a reduced shell or a very small internal shell is called a slug. They are common pests that can easily damage a thriving garden that you have worked very hard to keep. Luckily, there are plenty of household solutions that don’t require the use of chemicals. You […]

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The Worst Bugs to Have in your Home

Having household pests is no laughing matter. Not only is it embarrassing to have them, they are also difficult to remove. Not to mention, they are potentially harmful to your family and friends who visit you at home.
Here are some of the worst household pests and some tips to keep them away from your […]

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Controlling Pests with Superb Pest Control Services

It’s not fun having to look around cautiously as you make your way through your kitchen at night fearing that a cockroach might come crawling, or worse, flying towards you. If ever you did see one coming at you, it’s a clear sign that your house is being invaded and that there’s a good […]

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Why Hire a Professional to Rid Your House of Mice?

A little known fact about rodent control is that most rodent baits that people buy in stores, mice would have to use as a solo food source for 3-6 days to get a toxic dose.
They breed every 28-36 days producing a litter of 6-12 pups which are mature within 90 days to start breeding, […]

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Free Your Home from Roaches with Expert Pest Control Services

The world never seems to run out of cockroaches. If you’ve had enough of these pesky creatures, GT Pest Control Services has been established just to heed your pest problems. Cockroaches are one of the sturdiest creatures on earth able to withstand any harsh environmental conditions that they are able to survive all the […]

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Controlling Spiders Inside the Home

Of the numerous phobias identified by the medical world, one of the most common would be arachnophobia or fear of spiders. Spiders can cause so much fear that a sight of this pest would lead to a screaming episode for many people. This phobia has made the spider as one of the most feared […]

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