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The Destroyer Kind of Carpenter

Did you know that not all carpenters make or repairs wooden structures? Some carpenters destroy wooden structures and that is true for carpenter ants. The red and black carpenter ants are among the most common in Canada known for its ability to cause damage to wooden structures.
This kind of pest would find their way […]

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Know the Odor-Free and Pest-Free Technique

What is that smell? That is the usual question that any member of the house would blurt out as soon as they enter the room after spraying an insecticide. The smell of most insecticides is indescribable. It is strong, irritating if not suffocating. This is one of the reasons why some people really don’t […]

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How can Pesticides get access to the human body and eventually damage the system?

Each time I get to see cockroaches at home, I am prompted to go to the nearest grocery store to buy a spray. Sometimes, all we could ever think of is how to get even and how to eradicate these pests that we fail to think about our own safety. The adverse effects of […]

The Ill Effects of Pesticides that You Should Take Note Of

Pesticides are made to exterminate pests and it should remain that way. As much as possible, one must make sure that it will not come in close contact with humans. With the right information dissemination and knowledge on the adverse effects of pesticides on people exposed to it, there will be less harmful effects […]

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Pests from Your Pets

Do you have pets at home? Have you ever seen hungry blood-sucking tiny specie on your pets’ skin? Disgusting isn’t it?
I am a passionate dog lover and I can’t imagine my house without a dog. The silence of a house without a dog that barks is deafening to me. I always see my pet […]

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Roaches Under Your Couches

Did you see one or two cockroaches in your kitchen or under your couch? If so, then there is reason enough for you to be anxious. I bet that there are hundreds more of these kind of nocturnal pests just around the corner. Worse, if you see a cockroach during the day, it could […]

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Guideline on How to keep your Sofa Pest-Free

Bed bugs does not only come at night when you bid someone goodnight. It can be present at any time of the day and may also infest your favorite sofa. Have you ever experienced lying on a sofa reading your favorite book and then suddenly you feel that irritating itch at your legs or […]

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The Right Ways to Deal with Raging Rats

Does the sight of a rat makes you want to scream and shout all out? I bet it sure does. I cannot understand myself why just the thought of this pest would make me want to squirm with disgust. Rats are definitely a major problem in a home that is often neglected. When you […]

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Either You Get Rid of Them or Keep on Running after Them

In every aspect of our lives, we have to exercise control to a certain extent. It is important that the things that we wouldn’t want around should not be there in the first place. Any single living thing that would cause danger to your life and limb, anything that could annoy your peaceful existence […]

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Deadly Bite that You Can Fight

Have you ever thought how dreadful it is to just lose your life due to a single insect bite? The thought alone may give you goosebumps. I think it could be one’s greatest nightmare.

There are many insects that abound our surroundings and among the deadliest are mosquitoes. In fact, it is considered as one […]

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